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in Design on February 22, 2024


Do you enjoy animated videos? Do you enjoy animated typography, vibrant figures and transitions and have you ever thought about producing your own animations? If so, it is essential that you know Renderforest.

At Renderforest, it is possible to develop animated videos, presentations, introductions, posts for social networks, mockups and even websites in a simple and intuitive way, with just a few clicks using the pre-configured templates and tutorials available.

With the growing importance of social media, it has become essential to have a specialist to edit your company’s videos. The good news is that with the interactivity and ready-made templates offered by Renderforest, you can learn how to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily.

How to Start

To start creating your animations on Renderforest, simply sign up using an email address. You can use Renderforest for free, but when you opt for monthly or annual subscriptions, you get more storage, improved video resolutions and can export your videos without the watermark.

“Renderforest has been influential in helping our marketing team meet and exceed their goals. Animation has always been something that required a lot of time and attention, but now they create professional videos quickly and then get back to their other projects. I recommend Renderforest to anyone who wants to focus on their business while getting professional quality videos and animations.”

Andrew Bouley, Creative Director at ALKAMY

Animation Templates

Browsing the animation maker templates is an exciting journey into the world of animation. You can explore a wide variety of styles, including some 3D animations, to manifest your concepts visually, with more depth and realism.

The software is extremely comprehensive and offers business presentation sets, YouTube intros, typography packages, ceremonies, birthdays, as well as character and mascot animations, all in 3D.

You can also create logos using your brand name, defining a brief description and choosing your preferred style, refining your logo in detail. To make a more informed decision about your final logo, you can choose professional mockups to test it on smartphones, billboards, urban environments, clothing packages, and more. Just select one of the options and apply your logo.

Renderforest also includes excellent tools for creating a website, providing ready-to-use templates where you can edit text and colored background images. In each section, everything is automatically optimized to make your site load easier, with step-by-step instructions. Plus, you can create design graphics to create great presentations to share on your social media channels.

Furthermore, the software allows you to adjust the aspect ratio of the video, its duration and also the frames per second.

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